4.5. Thursday

Siltasaari-sali (Ground floor) 

Plenum 10.30–12.00 Chair: Matti Tuomala
Olli Kangas Eriarvoisuus: Mitä voidaan tehdä?

12–13 Lunch

Session 1: 13-14.30 Chair: Jari Vainiomäki
Labour economics
Terhi Maczulskij: The long-term labor market consequences of risky health behaviors
Ulla Kinnunen:  Self-rated work ability as a predictor of register-based disability pension: a three-year follow-up study
Merja Kauhanen: The impact of temporary work on subsequent earnings

Coffee break

Session 2:  15-16.30 Chair: Sakari Heikkinen
Ilpo Suoniemi: Intergenerational mobility and equal opportunity, evidence from Finland
Terhi Ravaska: Finnish top income shares and mobility by gender:A peek into unique tax registers
Petri Roikonen & Sakari Heikkinen: Income Inequality in Finland 1864-1926

5.5. Friday

Viktor Julius von Wright -sali (Floor 3,5)

Session 3: 9.00–11.00 Chair: Jukka Pirttilä
Optimal Taxation
Vidar Christiansen: Taxation in a unionised economy
Thomas Gaube: Efficiency Gains from Tagging
Håkan Selin: Income Creation and/or Income Shifting? The Intensive vs. the Extensive Shifting Margins

11–12 Lunch

Session 4: 12–13.30 Chair: Hannu Tanninen
Public policy I
Elina Tuominen: Inequality, redistributional preferences,and the extent of redistribution
Jarkko Harju & Tuomas Matikka: Empirical modeling of labor supply and participation decisions
Tuuli Paukkeri: Take-up of welfare benefits

Coffee break

Session 4: 14–15.30 Chair: Markus Jäntti
Public policy II
Ohto Kanninen: Utility in the real world: Application to optimal social insurance
Markus Jäntti: The expansion of public daycare and the importance of family background for economic status in Finland and Sweden – preliminary findings